Customer NewsReport

CMA CGM Customer NewsReport is a fortnightly publication aimed at CMA CGM Customers. Its objective is to provide customers with up-to-date and factual information on CMA CGM services, tariff issues, new regulations, etc. In short, CMA CGM Customer NewsReport endeavours to make shipping with CMA CGM easier.

This Customer NewsReport includes an update on:

  • CMA CGM ST PETERSBURG SHUTTLE A ready for citrus season
  • CMA CGM extends its coverage of Algeria with Djen Djen
  • CMA CGM’s winter program on MEX 3
  • CMA CGM’s winter program on FAL services
  • Tariff & Surcharge Updates
  • Myanmar Compliance Booking Procedure
  • Europe ban on Faeroe Islands herring stock

We sincerely hope that it will prove useful in your relationship with CMA CGM and look forward to your continuous support.

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